This John Cena Taco Joint Is The Unlicensed Restaurant Of Your Dreams

john cena tacos

Things I love in no particular order: tacos, burgers, wrestling, confusing knockoffs of popular things. To wit: I once bought a knockoff Chanel shirt that said “31 Rue Jambon” instead of “31 Rue Cambon” because I am so amused at the idea of the refined fashion houses’s historic flagship being relocated to “Ham Street.” Now, all of the things I love have majestically been combined thanks to this Mexican restaurant my heart may have willed into existence.

Monterrey’s John Cena Burgers & Tacos is a weirdly dated mishmash of take-out food and seemingly unrelated WWE Superstars:

john cena taco menu

Man, if we can get Randy “Pork Sausage” Orton to catch on as a nickname when he returns from injury, I am TOTALLY on board

I’m sure there are all sorts of sticky likeness-rights and lincensing issues at play here, but look. Let’s get real. I’m sure WWE has all of these fancy plans and (hopefully) pun-based menu items for their proposed Hall of Fame restaurant in Orlando during WrestleMania 33, and that’s great. I, however, would be significantly more inclined to visit if it were just a food stand where I could make tacos appear by pointing at a picture of Arn Anderson’s face. Now that’s the real dream.

h/t Reddit