John Cena Had A Booty-Shaking Dance-Off With Fred Armisen On The ‘Today’ Show

On Tuesday, John Cena was once again back in a co-host chair for the non-Kathy and Hoda portion of Today. As usually happens when Cena appears on Today, the 15-time world champion ended up dancing. This time, his dance partner was former SNL star and Portlandia co-creator Fred Armisen, which is definitely what you expected to see when you woke up this morning.

While talking about Portlandia, Armisen shared his understandable concern that the hunks are taking over all facets of entertainment, including dance and theater. And, I mean, John Cena was right there in the co-host seat to prove his point. After some good-natured banter, Cena and Armisen agreed to attempt to settle their differences via the only legal and socially acceptable form of duel: the dance-off.

[protected-iframe id=”c2c72ea170227f15adbfbfdc402c24bf-60970621-10222937″ info=”Today” width=”650″ height=”366″ ]

Sadly, Armisen appears to half-ass (perhaps even quarter-ass) his own attempt at the dance-off, but the battle was still deemed a draw. It’s time to take a stand on dance-offs, everyone. There must be a winner. It should be treated like Thunderdome. If we can’t hold the dance-off sacred, is anything?

And one last thing, while we’re talking about Today: did you know that Today is four hours long? Four hours, every single day. Really puts Raw in perspective, doesn’t it? Of course, maybe we’d watch Raw for four hours every day if Michael Cole and Corey Graves worked their way through a bottle of white wine on-air during the third hour. Write to your local congressperson and see if there’s some way we can make that happen.