The Latest Details On Why John Cena Broke Up With Nikki Bella

05.11.18 9 months ago 26 Comments


It seems like we know so many things about the breakup of John Cena and Nikki Bella, and yet so little. We know it ruined a WrestleMania Moment. We know John Cena is the one who ended it. We know Brie Bella is still cool with him, despite that. We know the breakup will be shown on Total Bellas. We’ve heard Cena has not been doing well since the breakup, which you might have guessed if you follow him on Instagram:

However, we didn’t know why it came to be that true love tapped out, presumably to an STF, in April 2018, C.E. At least, not until now! A source told People that John Cena broke up with Nikki Bella not because she wanted kids and he didn’t, not because she wanted to get married and he didn’t, not because the whole relationship was a work all along, but because he was too stressed out by doing publicity for their wedding. The source says:

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