John Cena Claims There Is An ‘End In Sight’ For His WWE Career As An Active Wrestler

07.13.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

As part of a whirlwind media tour in John Cena’s run-up to hosting the 2016 ESPYS on Wednesday night, the WWE Superstar and 15-time world champ stopped by ABC News to answer some wrestling trivia, which you can see in the video above. He also sat for a more in-depth interview, where one of the questions was how much longer he’ll be performing as a wrestler.

“It’s taken years and I still can’t jump the hurdle,” he said. “Everybody’s like ‘OK, when are you getting out of wrestling to do movies?’ And they’re baffled when I’m like, ‘I’m not!’ I want it to be acceptable to do both. Why would I turn off 650 million global viewers? Why would I turn off half a billion social accounts? Why would I turn off the fun?

“I’m going to do this as long as I physically can,” he added. “There is a definitive end in sight. But man, I’m gonna milk it for all that it’s worth. And not like, ‘I’m gonna hang on to my spot, man.’ … I just want to be involved, I want to be able to contribute because the noise and the appreciation, like that is such wonderful psychology to be able to manipulate.”

His movie career is taking off, any time he guest stars on a television show it goes viral and if this ESPYS gig is any indication, Cena is just gaining more and more reputation as a legitimate crossover entertainer. Still, it comes as a bit of a surprise when he revealed he can envision the end of his wrestling career.

It sounds like the end of Cena as a full-time wrestler may be closer than we imagined. He’s 39 years old — the same age of Brock Lesnar — and he has certainly not been wrestling on a Brock Lesnar schedule. We need to start getting used to the idea of saying goodbye to Cena now, before it sneaks up on us.

(Via ABC News)

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