John Cena Opened WWE’s Raw Reunion With Emotions, Thuganomics, And Rikishi


WWE announced a ton of names for Monday night’s Raw reunion special (Eric Bischoff! The Boogeyman! Christian! … others!), but one of the biggest names joined the list on Monday morning: John Cena. Cena’s technically still a part of the active roster, but he’s usually busy in Hollywood or China fighting humorous fires and driving cars at folks.

Cena actually opened the show to set the mood for the night, quickly dropping a Fine Speechâ„¢ about how WWE will always be his home — “I know I’m not around as much as I used to be, but this is my heart, you guys are my family, and I promise you that I’m just as excited to be standing in this ring right now as I was on day one.” — before getting down to business. Namely, a brief return to the Doctor of Thuganomics to spit bars with the Usos.

Before Cena could bail, he was interrupted by the Usos dad, Rikishi, who is not only a WWE Hall of Famer but probably the company’s senior correspondent for driving cars at people. Kishi teased bringing back the Too Cool dance number with his sons and Cena, before they were interrupted by The Revival. Also, D-Von Dudley is there, for some reason!

You can watch that below.

(If nothing else, we wish Cena was around enough to get a new t-shirt.)