Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo On SXSW, Predator Handshakes And Why The Other Wrestling Shows Suck

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03.11.16 10 Comments
Johnny Mundo SXSW interview

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If you watch Lucha Underground — congratulations, you’re one of the cool kids — you know Johnny Mundo as the entitled rudo with too many abs who loves parkour and making people watch him work out. He’s been a fixture on the show since day one, and has had some of the best matches in company history against the likes of Prince Puma, King Cuerno and the better version of Alberto Del Rio.

If you don’t watch the show — seriously, still? What’s wrong with you? — you may know Johnny from his previous life as John Morrison, Tough Enough winner, three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and five-time tag champ. He’s also played Hercules, feuded with a Jack Russell terrier and taught Chris Trew how to climb a wall like a squirrel. He’s a man of many talents.

Lucha Underground is headed to SXSW on Tuesday for their first-ever live show outside Boyle Heights, and we were lucky enough to sit down with JoMo — JoMu? — to talk cool handshakes, the value of wrestling shows making sense, and why the other shows suck.

I want to do the handshake with you, the this, and the this, and the this at some point in my life. I don’t know if I’ve earned that yet.

Maybe, maybe. Let’s see how this interview goes. [thinks about it] Boom, boom, boom …

Prince Puma Johnny Mundo handshake


It’s edited, so it’s three separate handshakes. When I meet wrestling fans now they’re like, “Dude, do the handshake with me.” It’s become a weird cultural thing.

I didn’t know that.

Yeah, you need to trademark it.

It’s kinda funny because we were messing around that day, trying to do the old school Predator handshake, the old Carl Weathers/Arnold Schwarzenegger and Skip, the guy who’s the director of the vignettes for Lucha Underground is a huge fan of ’80s action movies. A couple of people were like, “Guys, keep screwing around with that thing.” Not Skip, though. He was like, “No no no, do that, do that again and again, we’re gonna put it together and make it look awesome.”

It was beautiful. Like, it’s shockingly popular. I get stopped about it. I wrote about it in my column, I was like, “this is the best thing that happened all season,” is this ridiculous handshake.

Well, I’m glad that I’m a part of the best thing that happened all season. [laughter]

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