Judas Draven Talks About Lucha Underground, ‘Big Brother,’ And Bullying In WWE

Senior Editor, Sports

El Rey Network, Wikimedia Commons

Austin Matelson has had quite a varied career and has done many things at age 32. You may know him as Judas Draven, or Austin Draven, or by his NXT name of Judas Devlin, or perhaps you’re aware that he’s a big snake guy in Lucha Underground who goes by the name Vibora. And beyond being a pro wrestler, he’s also been a cast member on the seventeenth season of Big Brother and even took part in an episode of The Price is Right.

Despite all of that, most wrestling fans know Matelson as one of the primary whistle-blowers in the controversy that saw Bill DeMott ousted as the head trainer for NXT. Last week, Matelson took the time to talk to us about a wide range of topics, including the JBL-Mauro Ranallo situation, the transition from wrestling to reality television and back, and what it’s like to be a giant snake.

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