WOW’s Temptress Katarina Waters Talks Eighteen Years In Wrestling

03.01.19 6 months ago


WOW Women of Wrestling‘s Temptress is a performer known by many names. She’s currently Katarina in Impact Wrestling. When she was called Winter and the company was TNA, she was Knockouts Champion and Tag Team Champion. Before that, she was Katie Lea Burchill in WWE and she’s Katarina Waters in her acting work, including in the recent British zombie movie Redcon-1. She brings a defined persona and a wealth of experience to the WOW roster and Impact women’s division, and shared some of her insights from almost two decades in the wrestling business with With Spandex. That conversation is below and has been edited for length and clarity.

With Spandex: How did you get into wrestling?

Katarina Waters: Well, I was a fan when I was younger, like a teenager. I used to watch a lot of WWF and then WCW and I thought it was the greatest show in the world, and I just always thought it was something cool, but I didn’t necessarily think about pursuing it. And then I was actually in London – I’d done film and drama at university, so I wanted to do something in entertainment, but I wanted to do acting, and, you know, directing and writing, things like that.

Then I was in London and I found that there was a school an hour and a half from me that I could go to and learn how to wrestle and I thought, “This would be cool, to learn how to do it,” so I started going there every Sunday, and then it was a hobby for a while, and then eventually WWE signed me, and then I came to the States and worked for them full-time, and then I worked for Impact, and now I’m with Impact and WOW, obviously, and work independently as well.

And since you’ve been in the business for a long time –

Eighteen years.

Eighteen years, man. The business has changed so much, and women’s wrestling has changed so much. What’s been your perspective on that over eighteen years?

Well, it’s interesting, because when I started, the companies that I started out it, I was the only girl, so I was wrestling guys… So on the one hand, that was great for me because I was different from everybody else, just biologically, so I kind of stood out in that regard, and then also because I wasn’t limited then by my opponents. I had these amazingly talented guys to work with, so that was really awesome for me, and then when it started changing and at first there was only, you know, a couple of girls here and there. There was always a few more in America, but where I was in England, obviously, there wasn’t much, so then all of a sudden you’re more limited on, you know, who your opponents are and things like that, so it wasn’t quite as challenging for a while.

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