‘Kayfabe’ Has Been Added To The Dictionary As Oxford Exposes The Business

I’m not sure if I should be telling you this, but “kayfabe” has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Here’s the full definition. It’s all part ‘a th’ scam!

Syllabification: kay·fabe
Pronunciation: /’ka?fab/


1. (In professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic:
“a masterful job of blending kayfabe and reality”
“he’s not someone who can break kayfabe and talk about the business”
[as modifier]: “I heard that AJ approached him to rehearse a kayfabe segment”


1980s: origin uncertain; often said to have arisen in American traveling carnivals. One explanation interprets the word as an alteration of ‘be fake’ written backwards, while the -ay- element is typical of the way in which words are formed in pig Latin.

(Via Oxford Dictionary)

The best part is the dictionary naming “AJ” in the definition. You think that’s Lee, or Styles? They don’t name the identity of “him,” so let’s hope “him” is Christopher Daniels, and the “kayfabe segment” AJ’s approaching him about is the Claire Lynch baby shower. That’s the kind of segment that needs dictionary immortalization.

Now Oxford needs to add “Jabroni” so we can accurately describe whoever okayed adding “kayfabe” to the dictionary.