Ken Shamrock Talked About His Wrestling Future And Staying In Shape In His Fifties

Ken Shamrock returned to Impact Wrestling this year, and it looks like he’s completely embraced present-day pro wrestling. While he’s still The Most Dangerous Man In The World and uses his signature ankle lock, the 55-year-old has also tried some high flying and been game for dick joke comedy wrestling with Joey Ryan.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc., Shamrock made it clear that he didn’t just come back to wrestling for nostalgia, saying:

I wanted people to realize that this is not a normal wrestler who is coming back just to feel good. I wanted people to know that it’s not just talk. You hear it so much with people coming back and they’re not at a place they were at when they were young. Then people get let down because they wanna see this person they were used to seeing and they don’t get to see that… I want people to know that when I say that I feel good and that I’m ready to rock and roll then that’s exactly what they’re gonna get.

He also talked about how he’s in such visibly great shape in his fifties, chalking it up to dedication and taking time to recover:

It’s commitment. It’s being able to manage your time, getting rest, eating properly and staying in the gym. The biggest thing I learned is letting my body rest and giving myself plenty of time to recover at my age. Not working out every single day but maybe every two or three days and then letting my body rest. That has been the biggest change in the success I’ve had in being able to manage the time that I have and the time to recover.

When asked how long he’ll wrestle for Impact, Shamrock didn’t give a certain length of time, but that “I have some goals set for myself and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to achieve them and we’ll see what happens from there.” Does this mean there could be a Ken Shamrock vs. Tessa Blanchard Impact World Championship match in our future? Stranger things have happened, probably!