Kevin Owens Vs. Melissa Joan Hart Is The Twitter Feud You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Kevin Owens Melissa Joan Hart

Well, something unexpected happened last night. Apparently, Melissa Joan Hart (who’s still alive, people) is a wrestling fan who reviews RAW on Mondays. I had no clue. So, as part of her recap of Monday’s action, she had some words for Kevin Owens.

Owens didn’t take too kindly to it and sent a shot back:

This led to a back-and-forth with Hart and her fans talking about it all night. She even got mentioned on RAW because WWE will mention anyone who’s ever been on TV ever if they can. Here’s a bunch of the tweets from the night.

Then Big E launched a hashtag called #IStandWithOwens and people just kept blocking Hart. Big E is a leader of men.

Well, it looks like Melissa Joan Hart is going to be hosting a RAW soon, isn’t she? Better yet, she’s going to run in and cast a spell on Owens to cause him to lose at Survivor Series. Dammit, Twitter. You ruin everything.

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