Killer Kross Brings Variance And Violence In Pro Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Killer Kross is one of those performers it seems like can only rise higher in the wrestling world. The pro wrestler and martial artist is currently a staple in Impact Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide and performs on the independent circuit, sometimes alongside his girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux. Kross has been rumored to have been looked at by just about every major wrestling company, and with his athletic ability, technical skills, and dedication to character work, it’s not hard to see why.

With Spandex spoke to Kross at Starrcast II in Las Vegas about his career and views on other goings on in the wrestling world. That conversation is below and has been edited for length and clarity.

With Spandex: Okay, so a question we always like to ask people is who was your favorite wrestler as a kid, or who inspired you to become a wrestler?

Killer Kross: My biggest inspiration and my favorite wrestler as a kid was Ultimate Warrior. Quite honestly, the very first memory I can even recall having as a child, an infant, was Ultimate Warrior pinning Hulk Hogan. That was ingrained in my mind. His energy was very manic and crazy like mine as a child, and at times when I have too much coffee right now as an adult. There was something about him that just spoke to me. His energy was magnetic, and I think he was part of the reason I was pre-programmed as a child to be in love with sports entertainment and pro wrestling.

Okay, and then when you became a wrestler, how did your persona develop?

I looked to comic books and films and video games more-so rather than trying to mirror or mimic anyone in the business that I had previously always liked, you know, growing up, because I think that flattery is one thing, and then ripping someone off is another. You can put in respectful nods to people who inspired you, whether it’s a move or a coat or an outfit or a color, but I wanted to take things that I knew very well and create something original with sincerity.