Killshot And Dante Fox Discuss Their Lucha Underground Hell Of War Match

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When Lucha Underground blows off a feud in the most violent manner possible, it tends to fulfill the potential and vision that the company always strives for. If you’re looking to point to one moment or match that will explain in one shot what the company is all about, you might point to Grave Consequences, or maybe Vampiro vs. Pentag√≥n Jr.

After last year’s Ultima Lucha Tres Part One, pro wrestling fans have a new entry in the pantheon: the Hell of War match between Killshot and Dante Fox (AKA Shane Strickland and AR Fox), which shocked people with its brutality, but packed athleticism, storytelling, and emotion into the bout and attained the pinnacle of what death match wrestling can be capable of.

At a recent PCW Ultra show, we interviewed Strickland and Fox for an episode of our With Spandex Podcast, and we wanted the crux of that interview to be a conversation about what goes into putting together — and then executing — a match like this. They were happy to tell us.

So, let’s talk about your guys’ amazing match; one of the best matches of 2017. What was it like putting that match together? And how collaborative was it with the two of you and the production team?

AR Fox: Well, once they told me we were going to have [a death match] … Because that’s kind of like one of my favorite matches to have. Something that’s athletic, but it’s still hardcore, because I’m a fan of both. That was a real big stage for me. Especially to have a singles with someone that I know I could work with, and that is going to be open to a lot of my ideas and stuff like that. Once I knew we had a lot of time, and I knew it was a singles, and I knew it was death match style … I was on it all night, literally thinking about — I had so many ideas.

I just keep taking the worse [ideas] out, until I come up with some … You know, of course Shane had his ideas, too, we mixed them in. But I stayed up all night thinking about that match, because it was a real big … I really wanted to show the world what I could do, you know? I mean, it’s not my only chance, but that was my first chance showing them.