Klay Thompson Gives His Picks For Which NBA Players Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

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02.22.18 4 Comments

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LOS ANGELES — During NBA All-Star Weekend, we had a chance to talk to a few different basketball luminaries about different aspects of pro wrestling, since wrestling fans are everywhere. We talked to Charles Barkley about his longtime friendship with Ric Flair, we asked Kevin Love about being the most WWE-obsessed player on a notoriously WWE-centric Cavs team, and we also got a chance to pick Klay Thompson’s brain about the sleeper WWE Superstars that might be lurking in the league.

During the Team Steph interview scrums on Media Day, we posed Thompson with a stumper of a question that initially stopped him cold: who’s the biggest pro wrestling fan on the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors?

It took Thompson a few moments to ponder the question, as he earnestly turned it over in his mind. “The biggest pro wrestling fan I know is Mychal Thompson,” he said, singling out his father by emphasizing just how passionate the elder Thompson is about the noble grappling arts. (After all, we’re talking about the same Mychal Thompson who was so nervous about Klay’s Finals Game 7 in 2017 that he opted to watch WWE Raw instead.)

But Klay quickly returned to the question as initially presented, and thought about which of his teammates is most passionate about WWE. “On the Warriors, that’s a great question,” Thompson said. “Probably, like, Steph.”

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