Joel Embiid Has Been Lovingly Recreated As A Gigantic Wrestler In ‘WWE 2K17’

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If you’re not familiar with Joel Embiid, you probably should be. The 76ers big man may be in his first NBA season, but he’s already been the internet’s favorite basketball player for years, due to his unparalleled knack for ruling social media. From accusing other players of being virgins, to trying to date Rihanna, to delivering one-shot KOs in social media tiffs with porn stars, Embiid is pretty much a renaissance man of the internet.

He’s a massive, dorky athlete who is endlessly entertaining in interviews and has a cool (and very meta) nickname: The Process. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a WWE Superstar, I don’t know what is. Thankfully, a Sixers fan has now recreated Embiid in WWE 2K17, so you can live out all your fantasies of having a WWE main event star named “Joel.” Also, the video proves that the guy already has the single best entrance theme in WWE. Get outta here, “Glorious Domination.”

Seriously, this is the best song:

While 2K17 might night offer “The Process” as a nickname, I think “The Prodigy” is a nice consolation prize. Especially considering that Embiid himself is a bit of a … firestarter. I hereby nominate Embiid to be in Big Show’s corner for his WrestleMania 33 match against Shaq. Why wouldn’t he be in Shaq’s corner? Hey man, don’t argue: trust the process.

Important question here: if you’re over like 6’8, you should always step over the top rope to get in the ring, right? Like, not even any other option, yeah?
(h/t CSN Philly)

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