Kofi Kingston And Daniel Bryan ‘Paid Tribute’ To CM Punk During A Match In Peru

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With CM Punk’s comments on getting text message offers from All Elite Wrestling and rumors that his agent had tried to get him a hosting gig for WWE’s studio show on FS1, now’s the perfect time to tease a CM Punk return that’s (probably) never coming.

The latest comes in the form of a reaction to fans at WWE’s live event in Peru over the weekend chanting “CM Punk” during a Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston match. You’d think people from the birthplace of Paddington Bear would know their manners, but here we are. Bryan and Kingston, who are both deeply familiar with the works of Chick Magnet Punk, responded with dueling Go To Sleeps. Bryan teased the move but turned it into an airplane spin, so Kingston countered and hit a GTS of his own. You can watch the clip below.

As you might imagine, the actual proprietor of the Go To Sleep — New Japan Pro Wrestling star KENTA, formerly WWE’s Hideo Itami — felt the need to chime in, adding a proper copyright date for the hold. Get on those, “ken-TA,” chants, Peru.

To reiterate, this definitely means that CM Punk is coming back, unless plans change, in which case he isn’t.