Kurt Angle And Big Show Have Joined The APA

While WrestleMania 33 ended with one of the most surprising and important retirements of all time as Undertaker left his gear in the ring, the Kickoff show likely featured another wrestler’s final WrestleMania match … with significantly less fanfare. Big Show was supposed to fight Shaq at WrestleMania 33, and the match was hyped for an entire year, but fell apart in the month leading up to the event.

Big Show made it clear in several interviews over the past month that this would be his last WrestleMania, as his contract expires in February of 2018 and he expects to quietly transition to an ambassador role. So the guy is beginning to think about his life after wrestling, as well he should.

In sort of the same boat is the recently-returned Kurt Angle, who is the new Raw general manager and a Hall of Famer. He’s also spent the past several years actively focusing on a career outside the ring, appearing in a slew of movies, like Pain & Gain, Warrior, and one of the Sharknado films. Really running the gamut, in other words.

Anyway, as both of these WWE Superstars are preparing for their wrestling careers winding down, they’re doing what anyone in their position would do: they’ve joined the APA.

No, not that APA. Sadly. Deadline reports that both men have signed with the Agency for the Performing Arts, one of the largest agencies in the world. They rep a slew of actors, directors, writers, studios and even help package and sell films and television shows as well. They even rep Bow Wow and Tom DeLonge. So … you know, they’re diversified.

Kudos to Show and Angle for getting their ducks in a row and hooking up with a big damn agency. Just be sure to let the With Spandex team know if you need anyone to write your respective biopics. We’re available.