Watch The Highlights From Lana And Bobby Lashley’s Disastrous WWE Raw Wedding

In the latest chapter of the somewhat divisive storyline about how Lana cheated on Rusev with Bobby Lashley, leading to their on-screen divorce, tonight’s Raw was scheduled to feature the wedding of Lana and Lashley. It was only two weeks ago that they got engaged, when Lana brought out a ring and asked Bobby to ask her. Bobby said she’s the only person who gets to tell him what to do, and proposed. Then on last week’s pre-taped episode, they announced that tonight was the big night.

Naturally, it was never going to go smoothly. As Raw’s main event segment began, the officiant introduced Bobby first, who came out alone and took his place at the altar in the ring. Then Lana walked down the ramp as cello music played, and Bobby helped her into the ring.

The officiant gave a speech about the sanctity of marriage, but when he mentioned children, Lana flipped out and said this wasn’t in the script and she doesn’t want children. The officiant continued, but Lana got upset with the crowd for chanting Rusev’s name. She screamed repeatedly for the crowd to shut up. She recited her vows, but they were all about how she’s the greatest woman who ever lived. She said she wanted to make love to Bobby right now, and jumped on him, but he insisted on saying his own vows. Then Lana wouldn’t stop talking about how proud she is of him, and how she wrote his vows. His vows were also about how great she is, and she still interrupted to yell at the crowd.

When the officiant asked if anybody objected to the union, a man interrupted claiming to be Lana’s first husband. He said they got married when she was 18, but she left him for Rusev. He warned Bobby that she’ll leave him too, but Bobby responded by power bombing him. When the wedding started up again, they were interrupted by a woman claiming to be Bobby Lashley’s first wife. Lana knocked her off the ring apron, and the officiant once again tried to continue.

Then the wedding was interrupted by Liv Morgan, who gave a tearful speech revealing that she’s in love with Lana, and claiming that Lana loved her too. Lana also cried, but then attacked Liv and they fought. Referees had to pull them apart and drag Liv away.

Just when it finally seemed like Lana and Bobby were about to be pronounced man and wife, Rusev came out of the cake to attack Lashley. While they were fighting, Liv reappeared and slammed Lana into the cake. Everybody fought, with Rusev and Liv getting the upper hand as Raw went off the air.