Lucha Underground’s Most Revolutionary Innovation Has Nothing To Do With Wrestling

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07.28.16 14 Comments

In its relatively short time on television, Lucha Underground — both the show and the promotion of the same name — has been praised for helping to revolutionize professional wrestling and update the art form for a new era. While most of the praise has focused on the presentation of the show (particularly its cinematic elements), there’s another aspect of the show that has been equally important and even more revolutionary.

Week in and week out, Lucha Underground has focused on, lent gravity to and paid tribute to its Latino performers. The show is heavily steeped in authentic Aztec, Chicano and Latino iconography and history. Characters speak in Spanish, with subtitles. Aztec gods are characters and plot points. But above all, the heroes and villains of Latin heritage are fully fleshed out people with motivations, confidence and pride.

Chavo Guerrero — part of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family and a legitimate star in his own right — was originally contacted by the Lucha Underground creators to come in as onscreen talent. Those initial conversations led to him becoming a producer and behind-the-scenes force in the direction of the show, in addition to performing as one of the most despised heels in the company.

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