The Lucha Underground Lawsuits Are Settled, Freeing Several Wrestlers From Contracts

El Rey Network

Ever since the Fourth Season of Lucha Underground ended, there have been a lot of rumors about the contracts of the wrestlers who performed there, and their continued ability to work while the show’s future is up in the air. Ivelisse said in January that she’d been trying to get out of her contract for a year, with no luck. Joey Ryan backed her up on that, while King Cuerno (aka El Hijo del Fantasma) filed a lawsuit against El Rey Network and Baba G Productions, the company that produces Lucha Underground, for financial damages, as did Texano Jr, although he later withdrew. A separate class action lawsuit was soon fired on behalf of Cuerno, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and Kobra Moon (aka Thunder Rosa) seeking release from their contracts.

According to Lucha Central, both lawsuits have now been settled, and nobody’s under contract anymore. Here’s a quote Lucha Central got from Andre Verdun, the attorney who represented the four wrestlers:

I’m honored to say that we received 100% of the relief that we were suing to obtain and four young talented wrestlers are no longer bound by an unfair contract that prohibits them from taking full advantage of their talents at the prime of their career. I wish them all the best of luck.

So now King Cuerno is free to sign with WWE (who are rumored to be interested in him), and Joey Ryan can join his friends in All Elite Wrestling. Kobra Moon has already been working with Women Of Wrestling, but presumably she’s gained the freedom to do even more things now. Ivelisse’s future is up in the air, but at least she’s not trapped by a contract anymore. As for Lucha Underground, it seems unlikely they’ll come back from this news, but it’s always possible they’ll round up some more wrestlers to join Wade Barrett and Jack Swagger for Season Five.