Lucha Underground Will Officially Debut On Netflix This Month

One of the biggest sticking points about Lucha Underground with a lot of wrestling fans has been its lack of wide availability. El Rey Network isn’t carried in a lot of markets, and the episodes aren’t easily accessible on Hulu or Roku or whatever the kids are using these days. Well, it looks like the fans who aren’t already on the Lucha Underground bandwagon are just a couple weeks away from having NO EXCUSE to watch Dario Cueto and his merry band of wrestle-weirdos.

There have been rumors of Lucha Underground possibly being carried by Netflix for a long time now, but it looks like that’s finally, officially going to happen. According to Court Bauer on his latest podcast on MLW Radio, the first two seasons of Lucha Underground are coming to Netflix, for realsies, on February 15. Brian Cage and others later confirmed the news via Twitter.

Bauer said it’s a “big deal” with the ability for extra seasons to be added on, and while there are no plans for LU to jump from El Rey to Netflix or anything, it is a huge step in monetization for the company in 2017. He also said it will help to clear up some of the funding “gridlock” that the company has been facing as of late.

This is fantastic news for a number of reasons. Obviously, it’s great to have this incredible product not just available to everyone on demand, but as part of the largest and most-subscribed streaming service, bar none. Go to your friends’ houses and delete all the stuff on their watch list except Lucha Underground. Or just do it in your own home if you’re already using your friend’s login. (NOT THAT ANYONE WOULD DO THAT BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL PROBABLY.)

Get ready to binge-watch the first two seasons of Lucha Underground all over again. NUNCHUCKS IN THE BATHROOM, Y’ALL.