Joey Ryan Confirmed He’s Under A Seven-Season Lucha Underground Contract

Joey Ryan is pretty obviously a favorite around these With Spandex environs, not just for his amazing work as the world’s crookedest cop in Lucha Underground, but also because some of us may have beaten him for a championship in the past. Also, his dong can do magic things. But that’s neither here nor there.

While the third season of Lucha Underground still on hiatus, some fans may be wondering just how long Joey is planning on sticking around in the Temple … and maybe whether there might be any truth to those seven-season contract rumors. During an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of X-Pac 1-2-360 on AfterBuzz TV, Ryan took care of both questions at once.

“The initial deal I did was the long term deal, which I’m happy with … Seven seasons, I think that’s the standard deal. I hope it’s OK that I say that. That’s not really private information. I think that’s well known now. A couple of the guys got different deals. The more established guys maybe got a little different deal. But the standard deal is for seven seasons. It’s a TV contract, because Lucha Underground is not a wrestling promotion, it’s a TV show.”

So yep, seven-season contracts seem to be the standard over at Lucha Underground, but it’s heartening to know that that arrangement is juuuuust fine for a lot of wrestlers. And if it’s good enough for Joey, then hell, that’s good enough for us.

You can watch the entire episode below.