Reacquaint Yourself With The Unlikely History Of The Lucha Underground Trios Championship

We’re just one week away from our dear, beloved Lucha Underground finally returning from its way-too-long hiatus. And in case you’ve forgotten what all has been going on since the midseason finale (or you’re new to the show after watching the first two seasons on Netflix), El Rey Network has got you covered.

A couple weeks ago, El Rey let us share an infographic with you outlining the web of deviousness that Temple owner and proprietor Dario Cueto has cultivated over two-and-a-half seasons. (He’s been doing a whole lot of work, especially given he lost control of the Temple to Catrina and Mil Muertes for a good while there.)

This time around, we’ve got an infographic detailing the history of the promotion’s Trios Championship, from its unlikely beginnings with the fan-favorite Unlikely Trio all the way up to its current holders, the SuperFriends (Drago, Fénix, and Aero Star.) You should click here to view the infographic in its full size, because it really puts the “info” in “infographic.”

Season 3 of Lucha Underground returns to El Rey Network on May 31. We’ve already made a calendar alert for ourselves, and we recommend you do the same. On June 1, our weekly Over/Under Lucha Underground recaps will resume. And since Lucha Underground is coming back with an All Night Long match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship, you can bet it’s gonna be a barn-burner. THERE WILL BE STUNNERS.