Lucha Underground’s King Cuerno Wants To Be Mexican President And Wrestle Barack Obama

You may know second-generation lucha libre star El Hijo del Fantasma by his Lucha Underground alter-ego “King Cuerno.” He’s the guy with the insane tope who wears a severed deer head to the ring as a hat. If you thought that would be the most interesting thing about him, consult this interview in The Telegraph in which he says he not only wants to be President of Mexico, but to tag team with Vladimir Putin in a match against Barack Obama.

Let that sink in. He wants Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Barack Obama vs. El Hijo del Fantasma and Barack Obama. After that, he wants to be President. Do a big dramatic bow and arrow gesture with your hands and behold these soundbites:

“I would like to be president,” said El Hijo del Fantasma, one of Mexico’s most famous wrestlers.

Does he think he’s qualified?

“Of course,” he replied, with all the confidence of a man perfectly at ease posing for The Telegraph’s photographer, in his speedos, outside the front of the Royal Albert Hall. “Why not?”

As a possible future president, who would he like to see in the ring?

“Vladimir Putin,” he said, without hesitation. “I like him. He’s determined. He says ‘I’m going to do this’ and then he does it. Plus he’s a good fighter. He has the moves and the brains.”

“Putin would be great in the ring,” he added. “But I’d want to fight doubles – him and me, against Barack Obama and my president.”

He chuckles at the thought of the dream team.

“We’d win for sure.”

Good news for El Hijo del Fantasma, he’s not the only wrestler that loves Putin:

I know this is an interview for AAA, but now I really want Lucha Underground to bring in the Mexican President and have him toss King Cuerno through an iron curtain. Can we get an unmasked Kill Shot to play Barack Obama? CAN WE GET CAGE TO BE PUTIN?

Anyway, while you imagine a world where a guy who wrestled Johnny Mundo in a steel cage could run a nation, head over to The Telegraph and check out the clip from the interview. All it needs is a slow pan over to Dario Cueto behind his desk.