Mark Hunt Gives His Emoji-Heavy Thoughts On Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam Main Event

It feels like a lifetime ago, but in reality, Brock Lesnar only stepped back inside the octagon roughly four weeks ago. Lesnar faced off with – and eventually defeated – Mark Hunt. Leading up to the bout, Hunt had been very vocal about Lesnar’s condition, accusing him of being “juiced up to the gills.” Hunt was respectful of his opponent after he lost, but then the hammer fell.

Lesnar tested positive for something multiple times by the USADA, including on the day of UFC 200. Since then, Hunt hasn’t held back, calling Lesnar “a cheat” and accusing him of “sticking needles in his ass.” He’s even called for a fighter’s union to help protect those who don’t succumb to doping. All of this is a lengthy preamble to state the obvious: Mark Hunt does not like Brock Lesnar.

But just in case you doubted that, Hunt took to Instagram to put his former UFC opponent on blast during the main event of SummerSlam, writing:

“Using steroids isn’t anything to be proud of dikhead u are a fraud like everything u done fake ass steroid user ??????????????????.”

Of course, as the internet is wont to do, plenty of folks told Hunt that he was being a sore loser. Pro tip: Never tell a UFC fighter he is being a sore loser, as evidenced by Hunt’s next Instagram post which he dedicated to “all u cowards telling me to let it go Don’t ever tell me to let it go ok I’m not a scared ass puppet like u.”

Now we know two things Mark Hunt and Mark Henry have in common: They’re both strong as hell, and they both think y’all are a bunch of puppets.