Mark Hunt Takes Brock Lesnar To The Woodshed Over His Reported Drug Violation

The news that Brock Lesnar failed a USADA drug test leading up to UFC 200 sent shockwaves through the mixed martial arts world Friday night. The WWE superstar’s June 28th test came back positive for an undisclosed substance six days after Lesnar made $2.5 million dollars (plus pay-per-view incentives) for his win over Mark Hunt.

Hunt had been a vocal critic of Lesnar and the UFC leading up to the bout, calling the promotion out for allowing the pro wrestler to skip the standard four months of USADA testing fighters returning from retirement typically have to undergo. And now he’s even more unhappy after taking several dozen punches to the head from the massive Lesnar en route to a decision loss.

““I said (to the UFC), ‘If you don’t give me half his s**t [purse], I’m walking away from this company, I want out of here.’ This is rubbish,” Hunt told FOX Sports Australia. “I lost on that night to some f**king cheat. There’s no way he could weigh 265 [pounds] like me – he was about 500 kilos, there was no f**king way he was weighing in at my weight.”

“It just makes a mockery of the whole sport, it makes a fool out of all of us, all the people who’ve paid money for top end fighting – now all they’ve got is a cheat against a guy who doesn’t cheat.”

Hunt publicly suspected that Lesnar took performance enhancing drugs leading up to the fight. Now he thinks these results were part of a plan to pocket a large payday and then leave the sport with essentially no punishment.

“This fool Brock Lesnar comes in, gets caught for doping, and is probably going to walk away. They say they’re going to clean this sport up but I’ve had to fight three cheaters in a row.”

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar released a brief statement to ESPN simply stating “We will get to the bottom of this.”

(via FOX Sports Australia)