Mark Hunt Wants To Form And Lead An MMA Fighters’ Union

Mark Hunt seems to have reached his breaking point with the UFC.

Not long after losing to a possibly chemically-assisted Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 — Hunt’s second straight fight against someone that was flagged for doping violations — The Super Samoan came out swinging at Lesnar. You can understand why he was so upset, as Hunt believed Lesnar was juicing before the fight even happened.

Whether it’s about lax drug protocols, fighters not receiving enough of the $4 billion pie or just benefits in general, Hunt is seeking change in his sport by pleading with fighters to form a union.

In an extensive interview with MarkHunt.TV, the fighter says of UFC, “These guys are just making sh*t it up as they go.”

“They say they are cleaning up the sport, yet I’ve risked my health two times against guys cheating since this USADA thing started. I was told Brock was gonna be tested when I took the fight, he comes in looking fricken juicy as hell and then I find out he’s popped after the PPV has already been sold.

“It’s ridiculous. The fact that they haven’t even bothered to make contact with me since all of this happened just proves they don’t care.”

As for all the money UFC has earned over the years…

“These guys have lined there pockets with our blood if you ask me. I mean, they deserve to get paid no doubt, they took the UFC from nothing into what it is today, but come on, most of the guys fighting, get paid nothing and have no benefits.

“If you ask me, there needs to be a system where they at least run things past the fighters before making these decisions and the fighters can look out for each other. We need an association where we can have our voices heard. We are massive reason why fans watch the sport and we risk our health to do it.”

It’s sort of amazing that UFC has been around this long and there isn’t a union like there is in other sports. I’m not a UFC expert by any means, but I’m vehemently against lining your pockets with blood. That should change. It’s not fair.

(Via MarkHunt.TV)