Marshmello Met The Bella Twins And Won The 24/7 Championship Backstage At WWE Smackdown

WWE added some star power to the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox in the ring with an opening segment featuring The Rock, shots of Hall of Famers in the audience, and an almost confrontation between Braun Strowman and boxer Tyson Fury. In a video uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel during the show, a celebrity also became a title-holder: masked DJ and electronic music producer Marshmello won the 24/7 Championship.

In a segment kicked off by an appearance by the Bella Twins, Marshmello is revealed to be a friend of R-Truth. Truth questions how the whole marshmallow-head-man thing works and how he was conceived. 24/7 Champion Carmella interrupts the group to tell Truth that they need to run from the roving mob of people hunting for her title. When Heavy Machinery interrupts this, Marshmello knocks over Carmella and pins her to become, I’m pretty sure, the first active DJ to win the 24/7 Championship, or at least the most famous one.

Marshmello doesn’t hold the championship for long though. In a video uploaded soon after, he tries to escape from the arena (and Otis carrying a bucket labeled “Chocolate”), but is thwarted by R-Truth and Carmella disguised as other Marshmello-types. Truth distracts the DJ, Carmella pins him, and the Mixed Match Challenge winners escape in his chauffeured car. We’ll update this story if Otis manages to eat his head before he can call an Uber.