Marty Jannetty Asked Fans If He Should Be A Porn Star

We’re currently living in the strangest and most wondrous pro wrestling era ever. By which I mean Brazzers is making a porno movie about the Montral Screwjob. In what MIGHT be totally unrelated news, Marty Jannetty apparently has an offer to star in porn. The actual Marty Jannetty. In porn.

On Tuesday, Jannetty posted the following Facebook update, which may henceforth be known as “the most harrowing Facebook entry in history.”

“My bruh Snoop.” Yeah, your bruh Snoop probably had something to do with it, Marty. There’s a lot to unpack here, obviously, but I think what’s actually the oddest here is that he turned to his “ninjas” (Martty Jannetty is clearly down with the clown ’til he’s dead in the ground) to ask their advice on whether he should do it on camera for a bunch of money.

He’s concerned about the fact his family will see it, so he decided to ask internet strangers about it himself. Is … is Marty Jannetty the true millennial?

For real though: the offer has to be from Brazzers, right? They’re trying to get him to be in that Montreal Screwjob porn, aren’t they? There’s no way they’re NOT doing that. THIS TIME, MARTY F*CKS SHAWN. Revisionist porn history at its finest.

What a time to be alive.