A Massive WWE Leak Exposed Millions Of Fans’ Personal Information

07.06.17 2 years ago 9 Comments

There has been a security breach that exposed some information about WWE fans, with upwards of 3 million users having their names exposed to whoever had access to the web address. The details of the leak are filled with technical jargon that can be a bit difficult to parse, but it’s obviously a very bad thing that this information has gotten out there.

The leak was first reported in a new article from Thomas Fox-Brewster of Forbes:

Earlier this week, Bob Dyachenko, from security firm Kromtech, told Forbes he’d uncovered a huge, unprotected WWE database containing information on more than 3 million users, noting it was open to anyone who knew the web address to search. Looking at samples of the leaked information provided by Dyachenko, all data was stored in plain text.

The data – which also included home and email addresses, birthdates, as well as customers’ children’s age ranges and genders where supplied – was sitting on an Amazon Web Services S3 server without username or password protection, Dyachenko said. It’s likely the database was misconfigured by WWE or an IT partner as in other recent leaks on Amazon-hosted infrastructure. WWE said it was investigating.

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