Matt Hardy’s Recent TSA Run-In Led To Some Seriously Deep Thoughts

Matt Hardy is in the middle of one of the greatest comeback stories in professional wrestling history. The Hardy Boyz shocked the world when they returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, and despite the fact that Matt Hardy has been feuding with Impact Wrestling over the Broken Hardy gimmick since the moment The Hardys returned, their current run in WWE has been a massive success.

It’s been nice to see The Hardys on WWE television again, but beyond that, it’s just nice to both Matt and Jeff healthy and happy. Well, Jeff Hardy needs shoulder surgery, but this is about as healthy as Jeff Hardy is going to get because he’s Jeff Hardy. He’s crazy.

While Matt Hardy was on his way to WWE Raw in Denver last night, he was stopped by TSA in Raleigh, North Carolina, due to some protein bars that were flagged as they were going through the scanner. Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Hardy details his experience in a post on his personal Facebook page.

I am flying from Raleigh to Denver this evening for WWE RAW tomorrow. As I went thru the TSA security line to get to my gate, one of my carry-on bags were flagged after going thru the scanner. As it turns out, it was because of a brand new TSA policy that considers the protein bars that I typically travel with too large. Due to this, my entire carry-on was thoroughly checked, with everything coming out of it, and I had to remove my shoes & belt again for a detailed bodily screening and pat-down.

I am at a point in my life where I obviously don’t do things that could jeopardize my life, so there wasn’t an issue besides being extremely time consuming. The TSA officer was quite polite & nice, which I greatly appreciated. It was a “nothing” alert & stop, but the TSA officers were merely attempting to do their job & ensure the safety of everyone flying today. My point is this — I could have easily bitched & complained online, which many people do after an experience like this. Does complaining about every experience that doesn’t go 100% in your favor on social media make it better?

Sure, it’s cathartic & makes YOU feel better by saying it, but what’s the true effect? There’s already so much division, negativity & hatred nowadays because EVERYONE HAS A VOICE. But with that voice, there comes an enormous responsibility.. Be conscious, accountable & responsible with the luxury that we are all allowed to have a voice online in 2017.

That goes for every single member of the human species all the way to the President of the United States. Think before you speak online, people are listening and influenced more easily than ever. It’s easy for all of us to selfishly go into business for ourselves, but division among us is currently a growing epidemic.. We all need to do our part to help create unity, even if it seems like a minuscule act. I challenge you to look at the big picture in your life and leave ego behind — make decisions that influence the world in a positive manner.

Matt Hardy’s story here is extremely refreshing, and there is a good lesson behind it. He tackles a few different issues, one of which being the desire many have to complain on social media at the first sign of annoyance. We’ve all been there, particularly when it comes to airport frustration. Sure, sometimes there is real incompetence at play, but a lot of times you’re just dealing with people who are desperately trying to do their jobs.

The moral of the story is simple. Be nice to people, think before you speak, and don’t bring protein bars in your carry-on. Thanks, Matt.

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