Matt Sydal’s Legal Issues Are ‘All Finished,’ But He Is No Longer With New Japan

A couple of months ago, Matt Sydal (previously Evan Bourne in WWE) was arrested in Japan for possession of marijuana, which is a serious no-no in that country. Following his arrest (which is believed to have been a set-up), he spent over a month in jail and eventually pleaded guilty, receiving three years of probation.

Sydal is now back in the United States and ready to start taking bookings again. He spoke to Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet and confirmed that his Japanese legal troubles are behind him (apart from probation), but that he has parted ways with New Japan, as was pretty much expected.

Sydal says, “It’s all finished. I received probation, which applies only if I’m in Japan. So no actual punishment. I was just held until they had the trial. I wasn’t ever in jail either, only police detention centers and the Osaka immigration detention center.”

As for his job with his New Japan Pro Wrestling … Matt tells us, “I’m no longer with NJPW. I still love the Japanese people, but I won’t be working there in the near future.”

Sydal had been working for several promotions in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, which will not be affected. Nor will his status with PWG, Ring of Honor, or the numerous other North American promotions he currently works for. He can almost certainly offset whatever financial hit he has taken from the loss of his role in New Japan by booking a return tour in the United States, where he is likely to be in even higher demand. (No pun intended, I swear.)