The Term ‘Meltzer Driver’ Somehow Made It Into ‘WWE 2K18’

WWE 2K18 has been out for over a month, and fans are still finding new Easter eggs. The first major DLC pack for the game dropped last week, so we can finally get that Aleister Black goodness in the game. And Rusev has just now gotten around to calling out Shane McMahon for having the same rating as him.

The latest fun little nugget to be unearthed in the game has to do with the Young Bucks, who have an … interesting relationship with WWE. The indie megastars just had a cease and desist filed against them by WWE for using the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, which they’ve been using for years, but forced the issue with a good-natured Bullet Club “invasion” of Raw a couple months ago. (The same “invasion” that led to Jimmy Jacobs getting fired.)

Still, the Bucks remain a massively popular part of the pro wrestling world, and as such, there are a lot of people who are making and downloading Matt and Nick Jackson as created Superstars to play as in the game. 2K knows very well how popular the Bucks are, and pretty much everyone in WWE knows about the Young Bucks to some degree.

One double team move that you can give to a tag team in the game is a springboard spike Tombstone piledriver. This is one of the Young Bucks’ signature moves, and if you pull it off in the game, it will trigger Corey Graves referring to it as a “Meltzer Driver.” No, really, check it out.

Matt Jackson was quick to point out that the call is actually incorrect.

The Indytaker is the standard spike Tombstone. The ACTUAL Meltzer Driver — named after Wrestling Observer Newsletter creator and good friend of the Bucks, Dave Meltzer — includes a full front flip by the springboarding wrestler (almost invariably Nick) prior to the spike. The player who discovered this knows that, too. And pointed out that you can only trigger this call under specific conditions, strangely.

But he also came up with an EXTREMELY good idea. Please enjoy this clip of Dave Meltzer and Dave Meltzer teaming up to hit what video game Corey Graves thinks is a Meltzer Driver on Vince McMahon.

This is some extremely good and fun video gaming that almost certainly won’t survive into the next installment of 2K’s franchise. Spike ’em while you’ve got ’em!