Mick Foley Is Doing Well After Another Major Surgery

Mick Foley is one of the most beloved wrestlers of the last 25 years. The WWE Hall of Famer put his body on the line to entertain us during his spectacular career that he spent in WCW, WWE (he’s a three-time WWE World Champion), TNA and don’t forget about those exploding ring matches in Japan too. Foley, who is 52 years old and was fired as Raw General Manager prior to WrestleMania this year, underwent successful hip surgery this past April.

In the past year, Foley has also lost a lot of weight and looked great as the svelte Raw GM. Foley did a good job as GM, but the travel wasn’t the best thing for his body. Remember when he yelled at Sami Zayn and his fake teeth fell out? Classic moment. The hip surgery was done to alleviate some pain and on Monday, he underwent knee replacement surgery. Foley wrote about it on his Facebook page.

It’s amazing to think that he has spent over ten years dealing with that pain, but here’s hoping that surgery does alleviate that pain as it is supposed to and that he can live a comfortable life as best as he can for the rest of his life.

Foley is one of the smartest guys in the history of wrestling. I’m not afraid to say that because I think I’m right. Read any of his books (especially the first two) to get his insight on the wrestling business and how he was able to success as an average looking guy that wasn’t the most technical in the ring, but he sure could tell a story. It would be nice if he was booking a wrestling promotion because he could do an amazing job at it, but that’s likely never going to happen. Foley has done well financially and has saved his money, so he doesn’t need a job like that. I’m just saying he’d be great at it.

It’s great to hear Foley is doing well. We all hope he has a nice day today and every day moving forward.