Midcard Faces: Remembering The Bubbly, Bodacious Bobo Brazil

01.02.18 4 months ago 5 Comments

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Midcard Faces is an ongoing series where we revisit some fond memories of those wrestlers who got over, but never got to the top. Consider it a mini-celebration of some favorite midcard baby faces who we loved, but who didn’t get love in the main event. We continue this series with universally-beloved boundary breaker, Bobo Brazil.

How They Got Their Start

Houston Harris was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and played in the Negro Baseball League, where he was discovered by wrestling promoters, because wrestling never fails to find the large, crazy athletic guys — no matter where they are.

Harris was trained by Joe Salvoldi, who named him “Bubu Brasil, The South American Giant.” Despite Savoldi’s intended name, initial promotional materials had him listed as “Bobo,” and the name stuck. Sometimes wrestling names are like improv team names: once someone calls you that, that is what your name is. Sincerely, The Happy Time Rainbow Bunny Squad original member, Brian James O’Connell.

I could go long and deep here about how important Bobo Brazil was as a unifying force in professional wrestling; how crowds both black and white rooted for him as their hero and demanded to see him wrestle the important people in the territory. That is not my place. I will let Bobo’s absolutely incredible history in the ring tell it for me.

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