UFC Fighter Miesha Tate Would Love To Make An Appearance In WWE

Miesha Tate may be recently retired from mixed martial arts, but she’s keeping her options open as far as other potential future career moves. The 30-year-old former UFC women’s bantamweight champion announced she was done with cage fighting last November, and has since been doing a little bit of submission grappling and a lot of UFC analyst work. But would she ever consider a foray into professional wrestling? Perhaps even in WWE?

A fan asked her that very question at a fan Q&A event in London and Miesha was more than down with the idea.

“I would love to,” Tate said. “It would be fun. I would love to. I’m open to all kinds of things like that. It would be a lot of fun.”

Of course, we’re probably talking about a one off special appearance like her nemesis Ronda Rousey had at WrestleMania 31. We can’t imagine Miesha is looking to spend her post-UFC retirement days literally learning the ropes in pro wrestling and getting to a place where she could compete in legit matches. But that being said, any chance to get more MMA fighters into pro wrestling is okay by me … it’s certainly an improvement over MMA fighters going into boxing.