An MMA Fighter Won By Blasting His Opponent With A Sweet Chin Music Superkick

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02.17.18 6 Comments

The MMA world typically laughs at the maneuvers made famous in the squared circle, but every once in a while, a move best known for being a wrestling finisher will make its way into the MMA cage. We saw someone win recently with a full-crab, but now we’re seeing a Shawn Michaels-style superkick in live action. Yes, at Legacy Fighting Alliance 33, Kevin Wirth pulled off a sweet chin music on Isaiah Gutierrez.

Of course, a sidekick to the damn face isn’t something the WWE great invented or anything, nor is it the first time we’ve seen it in MMA, but this was devastatingly perfect. Did you hear the smack to Gutierrez dome echo throughout the arena? If you listen closely with the right set of ears, you can hear “I’m not your boy toy” ever so faintly.

Because the internet moves fast, it took approximately 12 minutes for someone to remix the highlight with Jim Ross making the call. Props to Twitter user Dan Weiner for this one:

What we’ve learned here, once again, is that the MMA and pro wrestling worlds will always be blood brothers, and you never have to wait too long for an example of why.

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