The NWA Is Launching A New Weekly TV Show

NWA on YouTube

October is going to be quite a month for televised wrestling, with AEW launching on TNT and WWE Smackdown premiering on Fox. Now another player is looking to get in on that game, although that will work out for them remains to be seen.

According to a YouTube announcement by National Wrestling Alliance president Billy Corgan, the NWA is launching their own TV series. Corgan says it will be shot in a studio in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the capitals of Southern Wrestling back in the NWA’s heyday. Corgan talks about wanting to recapture the magic of the Saturday morning studio wrestling shows he watched as a kid, where “anything could happen.” He says it will be “unscripted and uncensored.”

The initial episodes of the show will tape on September 30 and October 1, a Thursday and Friday. There are no details about where and when the TV series will actually air. It kind of seems like Corgan is trying to latch onto some of the momentum generated by AEW and the WWE/Fox deal, but so far it’s not clear how much of a plan he and the NWA have, beyond two nights of tapings. Speaking just for myself, I’ll totally check out an NWA TV series if it’s on a channel I get, but in a world where Impact can barely find a TV deal, I’ll believe Corgan’s NWA can make it to a major channel once I see it happen.