Fox Has Big Plans To Make Their Smackdown Premiere A Big Deal


It’s early yet to know exactly what Smackdown will look like when it premieres (new logo and all) on Fox TV on October 4th. Particularly with Eric Bischoff taking over the show, there may be big changes in terms of what stories they focus on and how the roster is used between now and then. What we do know is that Fox is understandably invested in making the show seem like a big deal. They spent a lot of money on the rights to air this show, and they’re not going to settle for “Here’s the same thing you’ve been watching Tuesday nights on USA for three years, but now it’s Fridays on Fox!”

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Fox is inviting lots of celebrities to attend, in the hopes of making their first Smackdown seem like a big prestigious event, like a major boxing match. The show takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, so there are certainly plenty of stars close by, many of whom probably owe favors to Fox. WON says that they’re trying to make Smackdown seem like the major leagues, specifically to make the AEW show that’s expected to premiere two days earlier, on Wednesday, look minor by comparison.

The report also says that Fox is testing two new cameras for use on the show, but what’s special about those cameras, and what effect they’ll have on the program, we don’t know.