The First Two Seasons Of Lucha Underground Are Now On Netflix

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Beginning Wednesday, March 15 (that’s today!), the first two seasons of Lucha Underground are now available for your streaming on binge-watching pleasure on Netflix (at least if you live in North America, for the time being). That means you can watch stuff like Ultima Lucha Dos, or Grave Consequences, or finally show your friends why you won’t shut up about bathroom nunchuk battles with time-traveling aliens and literal dragons.

Lucha Underground being offered on Netflix has been something that’s been rumored and talked about basically forever, and we received a head-fake a couple months back when it was falsely announced the show would premiere in the middle of February. But here we are now, and it feels so good … especially since season three of the show is currently on hiatus and won’t be back until the end of damn May.

So gather your unlikeliest trio, caress your ceramic bull, string a key around your neck, and prepare yourself for some unique opportunities: watching Lucha Underground right on your television, whenever you damn well please. It’s the only thing in the world better than this loop of Dario Cueto yelling “LADDER MATCH” for 22 minutes. THE ONLY THING.