Paul Heyman’s One-Man Show Is Among The Many Things To Check Out In New Orleans This Week


We’re standing on the dang doorstep of WrestleMania, and as you’re probably fully aware by now, WrestleMania week always turns each year’s host city into a nonstop bacchanal of professional wrestling and wrestling-assorted wonders.

We’ve already blessed you with the gift of a complete guide to all of the pro wrestling all week (and weekend) long that isn’t actually WrestleMania, but there are so many dang things to actually do and see and be part of all week, we decided to put together a second handy guide to the key wrestling-related events you’ll be able to check out in New Orleans this week that aren’t live wrestling shows.

Obviously, there is a crap-ton of stuff to be done, and more parties, readings, podcasts, and on and on than we can cram into this one post (and I’m sure not even we can track down ALL of the events available), so here are your best bets. You’re welcome.