Nia Jax Got Some Comeuppance From The Man After Her Match At TLC


Ever since she broke Becky Lynch’s face and gave her a concussion on Raw before Survivor Series, Nia Jax has been making a big deal about her right fist, and how it took down The Man. She even spotlighted it tonight in her Raw Women’s Championship Match with Ronda Rousey. It gets her heat from the crowd, but it wasn’t enough to intimidate Rousey. As for the match itself, it was more competitive than you might expect, but we all knew it was just a matter of time until Ronda caught Nia in an armbar, and then Nia inevitably tapped. But that wasn’t the end of Nia’s bad night at TLC.

Backstage after the match, a pained Nia Jax, still clutching her right arm, came face to face with The Man Becky Lynch. Becky reminded Nia about the whole face-breaking incident, then she hit Nia with a quick kick followed by a punch to her face that knocked her into the cabinet behind her, leaving her slumped to the floor. The Man added, “Keep my name out of your mouth,” before leaving walking away from the battered Jax, just in time for Tamina to show up and find her barely-conscious friend.


Whether there’s a full-on Lynch/Jax match coming or this was meant to be the resolution to the whole affair, Nia Jax has surely learned a lesson about using The Man’s name to build up your own, and bragging about doing something you were never supposed to do.