Former Raw Tag Champ Nicholas Was Immediately Placed Into ‘WWE 2K18’ And ‘Fire Pro’ By Fans


At WrestleMania, Braun Strowman and his pre-teen pal Nicholas won the world tag team titles from Sheamus and Cesaro, shocking the world and proving anything can happen if a random kid in the crowd happens to be the son of a WWE ref. Some fans hated the fact that Sheamus and Cesaro lost to a single dude; others embraced the chaos. All appreciated Nicholas.

That appreciation carried over to the digital squared circle, where fans immediately got to creating the young, (former) tag champ in both WWE 2K18 and Fire Pro Wrestling World. In 2K18, he’s somewhat active, and not quite the tentative, small child he is in real life. He’s more like a young Edward Furlong with a decent lariat. Take a look:

In Fire Pro Wrestling (which we used to accurately simulate both Charlotte Flair ending Asuka’s winning streak as well as Strowman’s 2 v 1 tag title victory), he’s extremely tentative. Since you can program logic into Fire Pro, Nicholas is tentative. As creator Locustar puts it, he hangs “way back” and “gets beaten up. Might go for a roll-up in the spirit of wrestling.”

Look at this lad. Absolute, tiny unit.

Fire Pro
You can download him from Fire Pro’s Steam Workshop here. Even though his tag reign only lasted 24 hours due to him being stripped of the titles on the technicality of being a fourth-grader, he will live on forever in video game downloads and inside jokes.