Nick Jackson Of The Young Bucks Worked AEW Dynamite With The Flu

The Main Event of last night’s AEW Dynamite was the Young Bucks versus Proud & Powerful to determine the Number One Contenders to SCU’s AEW Tag Team Championship. Not only that, but it was a Texas Street Fight, which with these two tag teams in particular increases expectations about the high spots and hardcore action that are likely to be on display. So that’s a lot of pressure to live up to, already, especially if you’re under extra scrutiny since you also help run the company.

According to Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks, his brother Nick rose to meet all that pressure while suffering from “a terrible flu.”

It helps that the Young Bucks are such veterans of the wrestling business, but it’s still impressive that Nick Jackson was able to perform to the level he did last night while seriously ill. Nothing happened to give a viewer the sense that he was off his game, and he didn’t hold out on the spectacle.

On the other hand, hopefully amid the piles of bodies and rampant destruction, Matt Jackson and their opponents, Santana and Ortiz, managed to avoid catching that terrible flu. We’ll see if anybody stays home next week.