NWA Into The Fire Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view results. The show featured a two-out-of-three falls match between Nick Aldis and James Storm for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Colt Cabana defending the NWA Championship against Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks, and more.

NWA Into The Fire Results:

1. Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson. With Anderson attempting to powerbomb Drake off the top of the corner, Drake dropped all of his weight on Anderson and rolled him up for the pin.

– Nick Aldis and James Storm were interviewed by Dave Marquez. Aldis said that Kamille had “the night off” and wouldn’t be at ringside. Both men put over NWA and took credit for NWA’s success. Storm also bragged about all the beer he could drink as he cut a promo on Aldis.

2. Thunder Rosa pinned Tasha Steelz after a double stomp to the back. Thunder Rosa continued to attack Steelz after the bell with Ashley Vox coming to ring for the save, but Thunder Rosa got the better of Vox with a shoulder breaker and then using a knee to bend Vox’s elbow in an awkward way.


3. The Question Mark defeated Trevor Murdoch. Aron “Student” Stevens accompanied Question Mark to the ring and began the match with the Mongrovian national anthem which was eventually interrupted by Murdoch’s entrance. Stevens later interfered after Murdoch threw the Mongrovian flag to the ground and Question Mark hit Murdoch with a double spike to the throat and got the pin.

4. The Rock’n’Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) defeated The Wildcards (Thomas Latimer and Royce Issacs) to retain the NWA Tag Team Championship. The RNR Express was accompanied to the ring by Outlaw Inc (Eddie Kingston and Homicide) for, as Morton told Dave Marquez, “an insurance policy.” Meanwhile, the Wildcards were accompanied by the Dawson Brothers, Dave and Zane. During the match, Outlaw Inc and the Dawsons got into a brawl outside the ring, distracting Issacs who was hit with a double drop-kick by the RNR Express and pinned.

– Stu Bennett announces the next NWA PPV will be on January 24 and will see the return of the NWA Television Championship.

– Eli Drake was interviewed by Dave Marquez but was interrupted by Ken Anderson who attacked Drake with a chair. Anderson put Drake’s head through the chair and rammed it into the ring post outside the ring. After fighting off referees and security, Anderson gets Drake into the ring and hits a Mic Check on Drake on to the chair.

5. Allysin Kay and ODB defeated Melina and Marti Belle. ODB replaced the injured Vox, making her NWA debut. ODB got the pin on Matri Belle after Kay sent Belle into ODB’s grasp and ODB hit Belle with the TKO.

6. Aron Stevens defeated Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana for the NWA National Championship. The Question Mark accompanied his student, Aron Stevens, to the ring. Stevens spent a portion of the match hiding behind a Christmas tree on set, leaving Cabana and Starks to fight one-on-one.


After coming back to the ring, Cabana and Starks teamed up on Stevens. Later, Stevens hit Cabana with a low blow while Question Mark distracted the ref and then Stevens hit Starks with a Discus Clothesline but Starks kicked out at two. Cabana got Starks into the Billy Goat’s Curse but Starks made it to the ropes. Meanwhile, Stevens once again hid, this time under the Christmas tree skirt.


Cabana hit Starks with the Superman pin but Question Mark hit Cabana with the Mongrovian Spike and pulled Starks out of the ring, allowing Stevens to slip back in to the ring and pin Cabana.

– Dave Marquez interviewed referee Tim Storm about being selected as one of the two referees for the heavyweight championship match.

7. Nick Aldis defeated James Storm 2-to-1 for the NWA World Championship. Brian Hebner was referee for the first fall, while Tim Storm was referee for the second. Hebner was selected as the referee for the third fall via coin flip. Early in the match, Kamille appeared at ringside, distracting Aldis who ordered her backstage. Storm then hit Aldis with the Last Call to win the first fall. The match headed outside the ring and into the crowd with Storm getting the upper hand. Aldis later threw Storm into the set’s Christmas tree, getting a “Merry Christmas” chant from the crowd.


Aldis withstood Storm’s attacks and got the second fall after reversing a small package. An old school hoss fight ensued and an accidental ref bump from Aldis knocked Hebner out and Tim Storm took over as referee. After Storm hit Aldis into a corner with a Last Call, Aldis pulled the padding off the top turnbuckle as Storm pulled him back for a pin. Aldis kicked Storm face-first into the exposed turnbuckle, knocking out Storm. Aldis put Storm in a cloverleaf and the match was called for Aldis.

– Aldis was interviewed by Dave Marquez after the match when the lights went out and none other than Marty Scurll appeared. The two stood face-to-face in the ring before Aldis left and Scurll, speaking to Marquez, cut a promo that was disrupted for many viewers by streaming issues. Scurll posed in the ring once more and left as the show wrapped.