NWA TNA Chapter One: Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Entire Promotion

10.11.17 8 months ago 48 Comments


Have you ever walked to the edge of a cliff, thought to yourself, “I shouldn’t jump off of this cliff,” then jumped the hell off the cliff? And then like 40 feet down you’re like, “I told myself I shouldn’t have jumped off that cliff?” Welcome to the first of many, many NWA TNA “The Asylum Years” pay-per-view reports, brought to you by the brand new Global Wrestling Network.

Every Wednesday for the next two weeks (and Thursdays once Lucha Underground ends for an undetermined period of time) we’re going to be looking back at the very first TNA slash Impact Wrestling slash Global Force Wrestling slash Impact Wrestling Again Question Mark shows, which took the form of weekly pay-per-views — not a joke — featuring a mix of up-and-coming independent talent, guys from WCW still desperate for WCW to exist, and hillbilly pop culture. Think of it like Wrestling Society X, except it’s two hours long and lasts for 15 years.

For a look at the current show, make sure you’re reading LaToya Ferguson’s fantastic Aces & Ehs of Impact Wrestling. In lieu of the normal Best and Worst format, I’m going to (attempt to) tell you everything you need to know about a particular episode, and how it ties in to the wrestling worlds that came before and after it.

So up first, here’s what you need to know about the very first episode of NWA TNA Wrestling, originally aired on June 19, 2002.

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