What Is ‘NXT Kids,’ And When Was WWE Going To Tell Us About It?

Remember when WWE buried the news of some new Network content in their second-quarter financial report? We’ve already seen Table for 3 pop up with a bittersweet Roddy Piper episode, but I’m starting to think WWE didn’t show their full hand as far as new content goes. There’s no word on whether this is supposed to be public knowledge or not, but by way of Vimeo, we now have a pilot episode for something called NXT Kids. What is it? Take a look for yourself!

There are certainly parallels here to Saturday Morning Slam, WWE’s previous venture into more youth-oriented programming. Basically, this is a half-hour version of NXT with a lot more focus on the preteen members of the WWE Universe. Corey Graves is joined on commentary by two actual children! How do you get that gig? If there’s some random elementary school in Orlando with the world’s best internship program, my life has been a waste and I’m calling a do-over. As far as the wrestling goes, the action is pretty decent. Bayley takes on Jessie McKay, and Kalisto goes one-on-one with Tye Dillinger, who was not yet a perfect ten at the time of filming. It’s all pretty harmless, you’re not going to see any twenty-minute Sasha Banks matches if they end up picking this up on the Network.

We know this legit due to the fact that this was originally found on the Vimeo page of Christian Silva, who’s been working with WWE’s video department for a while now. There’s a bunch of other WWE content on his page, including a WWE 2K16 video that might be hinting at the game’s new Showcase story. In any event, whether they end up scrapping NXT Kids or keeping it, it’s an interesting find. And by the way, shout-out to one of those kids on commentary for correctly identifying that NXT referee Drake Wuertz would straight-up murder you in a fight.