There Are A Few NXT Talents That Road Dogg Would Love To Have On Smackdown Live

Oh, you didn’t know? Road Dogg (or Brian James, if you prefer) (you don’t) called into X-Pac’s AfterBuzz TV show on Wednesday and talked about a whole bunch of things. He clarified his position within the behind-the-scenes structure of Smackdown Live, as there has been some recent scuttlebutt that he’s running the show.

It turns out that while he may not be literally running the operation, he’s about as high up as you can be in the pecking order without being a McMahon. He talked about a whoooole bunch of stuff, including his past drug use, the decision to put together the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, and a ton more.

But what jumped out the most were his picks for who he’d bring up right away if he was in charge of getting the call, or if he was given the pick of the litter among the NXT Superstars. It might be no surprise that the first name that came to mind for him was the most dominant wrestler in the world today. Oh, and he’d take some male wrestlers, too.

“I would love to have Asuka. I think she is a huge star down at NXT and I think she can be an even huger star at the next level. So I’d love to have her. I love Bobby Roode as a human being; known him for years in TNA … You know it’s weird to say, but AJ Styles is just getting better and better, so I’m really really glad to have gotten him and to have kept him … I like those Authors of Pain! They’re a big young group of guys, really willing to learn and willing to perform and they’re just getting better and better they’re instincts are good they’re timing is good for a couple of big dudes. It seems like everyone down there is doing really well. You know, I was really glad to get Tye Dillinger; he’s a great guy.

That’s QUITE the wish list of people. Smackdown Live is already usually the more compelling show. We can only imagine how good it would be if Asuka, Roode, and the Authors joined the team. There’s still another week to add Asuka to that ladder match, you know! It’s not too late! It’s never too late for Asuka to appear. Maybe someday. [gazes wistfully at the ocean]