Kevin Owens’ Son Had The Best Reaction To His Dad Winning The WWE Universal Championship

Three years ago, Kevin Owens (née Steen) declared himself the champion of the universe. On Monday night’s episode of Raw, he got the belt to prove it. Though it may have come at the cost of Triple H turning on his own prodigal small son, Owens’ reaction to becoming the WWE Universal Champion was priceless. Even better? His son Owen watching it happen:

The rise of Kevin Owens from NXT Champion to Intercontinental Champion to literal Champion of the Universe has made fans rejoice, but the immense amount of pride you’ve gotta have seeing your father live his dream must be incredible. Yeah yeah, we all know it’s “scripted,” but for a family who has always believed in him, knowing that people like Steve Austin, and decision makers in the biggest company in pro wrestling believe in him just as much it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

When we spoke to Owens at the WWE 2K17 party, his excitement at the idea that his son can play as him in a video game was palpable. And how many kids get to go to school with their heroes on their lunchbox when that hero is their dad?

Champion of the Universe, Champion of Dads.