Paige Says A Fan Assaulted Her After WWE’s Money In The Bank Show


At just 25 years old, WWE star Paige just can’t seem to catch a break.

After a frustrating 2017, where she was injured, suspended twice from WWE and dealt with peaks and valleys in her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, Paige appeared to be working her way back to a relatively normal WWE life.

Paige finally found her way back to WWE television near the end of the year before suffering what would be a career-ending injury at a house show. Paige retired from in-ring competition, then moved over to Smackdown, where she’s thrived in her role as general manager.

Unfortunately for the former Women’s Champion, controversy has continued to follow her thanks to an incident after Sunday night’s Money in the Bank event.

According to PWInsider, Paige shared an Instagram story relaying details of the alleged altercation with a fan:

“To the ‘fan’ that decided to pie face me through my car window and then tell me to “lose some weight Paige” inspired me to keep being myself and eat whatever the f I want. Good luck with your karma!”

PWInsider is reporting that as Paige’s car was leaving the arena, she was sitting in the passenger seat with her window down saying goodbye to fans when a man struck and yelled at her. Apparently the person (because it’s difficult to even call this horrible person a fan) was confronted by others, which did not include Paige.

Here’s to hoping justice is served.